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industries we support

For over a decade, Freyr has delivered Regulatory services to R&D teams and professionals working in a range of life sciences companies. Starting with Regulatory affairs consulting, this has quickly grown to include software solutions that cover the whole of the Regulatory lifecycle. More recently, we have added Digital Transformation and Automation services and solutions.

Our aim has always been to help customers navigate the ever-changing global Regulatory landscape – achieving compliance, reducing risk, and getting their products to market faster.

We are proud to support the following sectors: 


Global bio-pharma companies operate in highly competitive markets and are greatly constrained by time and the complex and ever-changing Regulatory landscape. Freyr understands that anything that can simplify or shorten R&D workflows is likely to save millions or months. Hence, our software is designed from the ground-up to improve the productivity of Regulatory teams.​

From the Health Authority perspective, pharma companies have to keep track and comply with ever-changing global Regulatory authority mandates and guidelines, in addition to constantly tackling internal Regulatory operations and information management challenges.

To meet these needs, Freyr’s software and digital innovation solutions are built ground-up. And to ensure we cover the entire Regulatory lifecycle, our solutions and tools cover a wide range of functions ranging from Regulatory Submissions, Labeling, Artwork, Regulatory Information Management, Regulatory Intelligence, to Medical Writing and Pharmacovigilance (PV).​

medical devices

Global medical device Regulatory services have been one of the fastest-growing areas within Freyr, with more than 100+ global approvals annually, including Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) approvals.

This vast knowledge has propelled Freyr into designing and launching innovative software solutions targeting the global medical device industry.

Solutions range from automated global medical device classification tracking, automated medical device literature screening, SaMD testing & validation to RPA/NLP-based Regulatory-Intelligence database.

consumer products

From cosmetics to food supplements and household cleaners to nutraceuticals, the consumer products industry deals with the complexity of identifying, assessing, tracking, and managing thousands of ingredients and formulation combinations.

With exponentially increasing global health authority scrutiny on consumer healthcare products, the industry is challenged with finding the right balance of fast-paced product rollouts with the optimum product classification without having compliance gaps. Adding to this is the huge global demand for identifying ethically sourced, animal-cruelty-free, chemical-free, natural consumer healthcare products and their Regulatory classification in various markets.

These factors make it imperative for the Consumer products industry to innovate more rapidly than ever before. Freyr is helping with next-generation software and automation tools for Global Ingredients compliance checks, Ingredient database with 32,000+ ingredients, digital formulation compliance, ingredient and label content compliance tracking, and more.

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