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current landscape & challenges

The Life Sciences industry and its Regulatory departments have been grappling with challenging labeling and artwork landscape for years. The systems and processes they follow are complex, but so are the regulations, timescales and limited resources.

The software systems that drive Labeling and Artwork workflow are siloed and many. A typical mid-large pharma company will have up to 10 or more to cover Document Management, Change Management, Artwork, Label management and more. Few are interoperable or even linked, and there is a vast sea of data residing in Excel spreadsheets. It is worth highlighting that the actual work undertaken on a particular label’s content happens separately across multiple systems.

For the Regulatory and Labeling teams, this means that they lack global oversight and the ability to coordinate their effort is limited. They will also need more training across multiple systems and should any one of these applications fail, they will need to deal with considerable delays and an impact across other systems as the landscape is very complex and lacking in flexibility.

our automation solution

We have designed and built the industry’s first fully integrated, powerful and yet simple to use Labeling and Artwork solution – Freyr Content-to-Carton Platform.

The Regulatory and Labeling teams will now have access to content management, artwork change management and fully automated artwork generation in a single system.

Freyr has incorporated automation at various steps, leading to significantly reducing the need for manual hand-off of content – such as copying and pasting across multiple systems and files. All of which vastly reduces errors due to the manual and repetitive hand-off of content.

The Freyr Content-to-Carton Platform is available in two (2) options:

  • As a standalone Labeling & Artwork Software platform.
  • Software Platform + Labeling experts & Artwork operators. This ‘Platform as a Service’ is offered with a simple, scalable, pricing model.

content to carton - realized benefits / metrics

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