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From content-to-carton. Regulatory labeling teams now have all the powerful tools to create, edit and control the flow of labeling right the way through artwork, supply chain to printing.

everything you need

to streamline your global labeling ecosystem, from content-to-carton

Freyr LABEL 360 easily handles drug labeling lifecycle changes as well as its time-critical labeling mandates by offering a panoramic view and complete end-to-end management. We have integrated the best practices to control the flow of labeling, implementation through artwork, supply chain and printing stages.

We say from content-to-carton, which not only refers to traceability throughout, but also refers to a master repository for the source content, full change and implementation management, and built-in accelerators to streamline and speed up processes such as validation.

Of course, we have designed Freyr LABEL 360 to work the way you work. In this way, it easily integrates with your legacy systems and other Regulatory information management systems.

functional highlights


One-stop solution for all labeling related activities with a range of fully integrated modules


gap analysis and harmonization for real-time analysis for harmonization of labeling content across the globe


comprehensive tracking and traceability incorporating industry best practice to ensure all the activities are tracked and traced fully


comprehensive report Generation enables users to generate and access insightful and customizable compliance reports


legacy system integration enables data and process exchange with other RIM solutions and data sources


a fully featured and easy to read interface means that information is clear, simple to find and feature rich

key features

content to carton traceability

master repository

change, implementation & deviation management

process integrated label management system

dedicated global and local impact assessment portal

real-time label change implementation tracking

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