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Regulatory intelligence

drive innovation for strategic decisions in the Regulatory world!

Critical decision making, like the expansion of product portfolio or market-entry across the globe, for the Life science and Biopharmaceutical industry is an arduous task. The Regulatory industry's dynamic environment creates critical scenarios while decoding requirements for new guidelines on dossiers, ingredients & claim analysis, labeling & packaging, etc. Regulatory Intelligence is required to answer such uncertainties in the industry by accelerating technology's advancement to propel growth, boost revenue and produce better value to your customer's organizations.

regulatory Intelligence organizations are competently shifting the Regulatory landscape while dropping the time-to-approvals and letting more and more innovative medicines to reach the patients at the right time. Thus, it has become the need of an hour that Regulatory professionals and companies must acclimate to it initially. At Freyr, we have eliminated the tiresome process of discovering and analyzing Regulatory information required for critical decision-making for marketing your products. Get access to Freyr IMPACT, ideated as an innovative software/tool, offering a complete gamut of life sciences Regulatory intelligence across different industries, products and regulation categories, worldwide.

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