With Freyr Digital by Your Side, You Have A Partner in Navigating the Digital Evolution of Regulatory Functions.

Embark on a voyage of innovation and reliability, where technology meets a decade+ of Regulatory excellence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where digital transformation is a seamless and intuitive process, enabling Regulatory and associated functions to reach new heights of productivity, innovation, and success.

Our Mission

Our mission at Freyr Digital is to help our clients navigate the complex and rapidly changing Regulatory landscape by delivering innovative, customized, and scalable solutions that meet their unique needs.

Our Story

10+ years ago, the genesis of our Regulatory services solutions provider team, Freyr Solutions, took place during a casual coffee meeting.

In 2018 year, we launched our first product - Freyr SUBMIT PRO out of a single client requirement which later evolved into a scalable software solution.

The culmination of our decade-long journey was the birth of Freyr Digital in 2021.

Today, Freyr Digital stands as a comprehensive product suite, born out of over ten years of expertise in Regulatory intelligence, and developed by our team of technologists specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

With a robust team of 450+ professionals, we proudly serve over 200+ clients worldwide, consistently driving innovations and fostering partnerships that shape the future of the Regulatory landscape.

Our Journey: A Decade of Regulatory Excellence

2011: The Inception
Started in the USA with Freyr EVMPD and our first German Pharmaceutical client.
2012: Diving Deeper
Ventured into Regulatory Affairs (RA) consulting and expanded our team.
2013: Global Aspirations
Set our base in Hyderabad, India, and secured ISO certifications.
2014: Growth & Innovation
Expanded in India, introduced Freyr IDENTITY.
2015: UK Expansion
Stepped into the UK, ventured into the Medical Device sector.
2016: German Footprints
Launched our Regulatory hub in Germany, team grew to 150+.
2017: Global Connect
Crossed 100+ clients, set bases in Mexico and UAE, launched 
Freyr X.
2018: Scaling New Peaks
250+ Global clients, introduced Freyr SUBMIT PRO, expanded to Canada, Slovenia, Sri Lanka.
2019: Regulatory Mastery
Launched Freyr LABEL 360, extended presence in the USA, France; team of 650+ experts.
2020: Resilience & Innovation
100+ Medical Devices approvals, birth of cosmetic brand Slova.
2021: Celebrated A Decade of Success
Supported COVID-19 vaccine giants, introduced Freyr Digital, grew to 1800+ global experts.

Today, Freyr stands strong. Powered by 2000+ Regulatory experts worldwide, partnering with leading global entities, and driven by an unwavering commitment to innovation, intuitive solutions, and world-class support.