We are revolutionizing the future of regulatory affairs with advanced technologies. Introducing Freya Fusion, our cutting-edge unified regulatory information management (RIM) platform, featuring AI/ML-powered automation, configurable workflows, and timely notifications to optimize efficiency. Freyr Digital proudly pioneers a groundbreaking Gen AI-based system, newly developed to deliver unparalleled data accuracy, expedite regulatory approvals, and enhance processing speed. Our state-of-the-art AI-powered chatbot provides real-time, interactive assistance, ensuring streamlined communication. Additionally, sophisticated search and analytics capabilities offer smart access, setting a new standard in all functions of regulatory management like labeling, submission, etc.

Experience the future of regulatory affairs with Freya Fusion!

 Freya Fusion

Freya Fusion

Freya Fusion is an AI-first, cloud-native Regulatory Information Management (RIM) platform designed for exceptional performance, security, and scalability, all while strictly adhering to GxP compliance standards. Infused with advanced AI/ML and automation capabilities, Freya Fusion navigates the digital landscape effortlessly, ensuring top-notch functionality and an outstanding user experience.

  • One Regulatory Eco-System: Single application interface, providing convenient access to all regulatory functions
  • Freya: Conversational information access and management
  • Well-Architected Framework: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization and Sustainability
  • AI/ML, Machine Translation: Cutting-edge AI/ML, NLP, LLMs, and MT supporting 75+ languages
  • Unified User Experience: Seamless & intuitive user experience with Freya Fusion
  • Common Data Model: Consistency and accuracy in data representation that is reusable for different functions like labeling, submission, etc
  • Configurability And Automation: Workflow, Notifications, Content extraction, Content Ingestion, etc
  • Smart Data Access & Analytics: Intuitive visualizations and real-time insights for comprehensive business intelligence
  • Minimalist User Interface: for an advanced user-friendly experience
  • Precise Analytics: Customized configurable reports and precise data analysis

Freyr Digital leads innovation in Regulatory affairs with intelligent submission processes, advanced Regulatory intelligence, state-of-the-art artwork and label management, and automated content/document authoring. Our AI-powered chatbots simplify achieving Regulatory objectives with ease, ushering in a new era of Regulatory excellence.