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Freyr rDMS: Ensuring Precision and Compliance in Every Document Step

Simplify and manage Regulatory document changes efficiently, ensuring compliance consistency.

Seamlessly handle diverse Regulatory documents across various product lines within a single platform.

Instantly access, review, and approve Regulatory documents, wherever you are.

Organize, retrieve, and collaborate on Regulatory documents with ease and precision.

Effortlessly maintain oversight and track all documents in real time.
Freyr rDMS: Ensuring Precision and Compliance in Every Document Step


Achieve Compliance Through Lightweight, Yet Powerful Document Management Software

Achieve compliance through lightweight, yet powerful Document Management Software

Gain a holistic view and make informed decisions with Freyr rDMS's intuitive dashboards and detailed reports, complemented by a robust document search feature utilizing metadata.

Enable seamless user management and deep insights into operational activities, with version-controlled access customized for different user roles.

Incorporate multiple language resource files seamlessly.

Equipped with both API and restful services for smooth transitions.

With Freyr rDMS, facilitate multi-user access, allowing simultaneous review and update of documents.

Freyr rDMS has a centralized repository with no limitations on the number of documents uploaded, ensuring scalability for your growing Regulatory needs.


Freyr rDMS: Here Innovation Meets Document Integrity

Choose from private, public, hybrid, on-premises, or cloud deployment.

Easily integrates with both internal and third-party legacy systems.

Ensure continuous oversight of all your documentation and receive document-related and user-centric notifications.

Freyr rDMS seamlessly integrates quality management systems (QMS) and features a robust inbuilt audit trail for comprehensive tracking and compliance.

Feasibility to import pre-defined templates, ease of use and standardization.
Freyr rDMS: Here Innovation Meets Document Integrity

Empower Your Regulatory Operations with Efficiency and Security

Freyr rDMS: Here Innovation Meets Document Integrity

With Freyr rDMS, experience a refined and automated workflow that's both simple and versatile, perfectly aligning with your business processes and clearly indicating the due dates for activities on documents.

Freyr rDMS software offers a streamlined solution for easy management of documents, modes, statuses, and version control, ensuring an efficient and hassle-free approach to document administration.

Freyr rDMS's intuitive design and user-friendly features, including inbuilt templates, bulk uploads of documents, comment insertion, bookmarking, and optimize usability. This software ensures ease of use and simplifies even complex tasks.

This robust and secure tool guarantees document security and authenticity, complying with 21 CFR Part 11. It paves the way for organizations to benefit from efficient, paperless record-keeping systems, ensuring the highest level of data integrity.
Unlock Regulatory excellence with Freyr rDMS!

Tackle document complexities, ensure compliance, and streamline your Regulatory journey. Dive into seamless management, real-time tracking, and impeccable organization. Ready to redefine your documentation experience?

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