From Reactive to Proactive: How AI in Regulatory Affairs SaaS Keeps You Ahead of the Curve
April 30, 2024

Governance on paper is designed around time and is continually evolving. New laws are born, standards evolve, and aligning with the ever-changing landscape gives the feeling of not catching up. However, an opposite situation is possible – foreseeing these changes; acting rather than waiting for the same to unfold; making you one step ahead of all your competitors.

It is here that AI-driven Regulatory Affairs SaaS can help you in solving this problem. AI-powered processes, which are a type of such innovations, are changing the way businesses operate to comply with regulations in a much more effective manner. Here's how:

Early Warning System for Regulatory Shifts

The Problem: Conventional methods are mainly based on hands-on tasks of tracking and not getting timely regulatory updates and this is a profoundly time-consuming and reactive process.

The AI Advantage: AI-driven SaaS can't only analyze the enormous amount of data from regulatory agencies, industrial publications, and scientific articles but also it can help with bigger objectives. This procedure of the technique becomes possible for the identification of trends and desires before they become recognized rules to be followed.

The Value Proposition: Simulate the notification that a determination wherein regulation is being contemplated is unfriendly to your line of product is received. Such a preview of an unfolding event at the early stages of your business helps you to be ready and to fine-tune your development or compliance strategy and saves you time and money at the same time.

According to a recently conducted study, a business applying AI for regulatory monitoring enjoyed a reduction of the time it usually requires to recognize and react to upcoming regulatory changes by 25%, which briefly was by one-fourth.

Streamlined Regulatory Document Review and Analysis

The Problem: Moreover, going through regulatory files page by page is a quite laborious and time-proven effort.

The AI Advantage: AI’s can automate the jobs where Document classification, data extraction, and gap analysis are needed. Besides, it could suggest missing information or some of the graduates exaggerated it.

The Value Proposition: Humanized version: AI is a tool that can greatly cut down the labor and cost of document review by itself. It means that your management will be able to have more of the regulatory work done by the regulated person himself, for instance having time to develop compliance plans and risk mitigation strategies.

As per the report of McKinsey & Company, AI-powered automation saves anywhere between 70% to 100%, even for the routine task of document reviewing, reducing the burden on regulatory teams to concentrate on higher-value tasks.

Predictive Analytics for Risk Management

The Problem: It should be understand that risk management in the area of regulatory compliance involves addressing a multi-faceted web of risks.

The AI Advantage: Artificial intelligence (AI) can, based on historical data, which it will analyze, and detect trends that might show unforeseen obstacles connected to regulation or product safety.

The Value Proposition: Through preventing risk situations by assurance that you have all necessary procedures to prevent issues before they occur. This can rescue you from catastrophic downtime, product recalls or even regulatory penalties. Sample Answer: One of the principal benefits of online fraud prevention is that it allows identifying and expediting fraudulent activities even before they can cause any damage.

Deloitte Institute for Regulatory Affairs conducted an investigation which revealed that 30% decrease on the number of regulatory non-compliance incidents is experienced by the companies which are using AI to manage risks in regulatory affairs.

AI: The Secret to Crushing Anti-competitive Advantage With SaaS

It is fundamental that one must be proactive in today's highly volatile rule-making environment. AI-powered Regulatory Affairs SaaS offers a powerful solution, empowering companies to:

  • Prepare for regulatory changes and keep the nuances of the changes in mind, and adapt their strategies according.
  • Simplify document reviewing processes by using automation or reducing the time needed for reviewing documents.
  • Identify and address the pro max before they are involved in significant problems.

You need to welcome the AI and make your regulatory function dynamic as it adds value to your business. Remaining in the game of regulatory compliance with AI-powered SaaS is sure to benefit your company. You certainly can stay a step ahead in this ever-changing world of business. Be it with early warning system for Regulatory shifts, streamlined Regulatory document review and analysis or predictive analytics for risk management, Freyr Digital has got you all covered with it. Reach out to to discover our AI/ML-driven innovations streamlining regulatory operations in the medical industry. Contact us today.