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Accelerate Regulatory Intelligence with 
AI-Driven Bots

Freyr IMPACT offers technology-enhanced decision support, harnessing the power of automated AI bots and ML.

Stay updated with a one-stop solution for global Regulatory compliance that provides periodic tracking and updates.

Experience a user-friendly interface, robust architecture and navigate through AI Regulatory intelligence with ease.

Get in-depth insight for new product development, markets, and geographies.

Receive timely HA alerts and ad-hoc HA queries.


Turning Data to Decisions- Introducing Our Regulatory Intelligence Software

Freyr IMPACT is an in-house centralized Regulatory insights platform that keeps organizations abreast with the latest Regulatory information.

Freyr IMPACT has a simple and effective workflow with an option to draft, review, and approve records.

The software functions as a unified yet independent repository for products, devices, and documents, enabling seamless integration during product registration. It features customizable product modules that provide real-time updates.

Analysis of Regulatory pathways & hurdles, interpretation of laws, regulations, and guidance.

Comprehensive, global, Regulatory repository with an intuitive search algorithm QC workflow, compliance tracking & insight audit trail.

A customizable global dashboard offers a complete visual snapshot of the knowledge repository, presenting a summary of insights with heat maps, organized categorization, actionable insights, synopsis and recommendations for user-friendly navigation.

Freyr IMPACT's dynamic repository, built on 12+ years of data, is constantly updated by bots that monitor Regulatory changes. This ensures you have the most current insights for strategic decision-making in Regulatory intelligence.


Empower Your Regulatory Strategy with Our Key AI Innovations.

Experience the synergy of a decade of Regulatory expertise and cutting-edge AI with Freya. Our suite, including the responsive chatbot and the precise summarizer, turns complex data into actionable insights.

  1. Chatbot: Interact with an AI-driven repository that comprehends and answers your Regulatory questions with accuracy and references. Trained on over 12+ years of Regulatory data and is continuously updating, our chatbot is your one-stop source for dependable Regulatory information.
  2. Summarizer: Quickly extract key information from large documents, turning extensive archives into concise summaries, aiding in rapid information retrieval and decision-making.

Simplify and translate long, complex Regulatory documents effortlessly. Interact directly with documents to get quick, summarized, and translated content in your preferred language.

Rely on our automated bots for 24/7 monitoring of Regulatory updates. Custom-configured to fetch relevant and current compliance information, they are pivotal in maintaining Regulatory vigilance.


Freyr IMPACT: Transforming Regulatory Data into Actionable Intelligence

Our robust, AI-enhanced repository is constantly updated with information from over 150 markets, offering an integrated single source of truth.

Meet mission-critical goals and create compliant strategies for all business needs- be it new market entry or new product development with 8000+ insights.

Access a comprehensive database of 7 million+ global Regulatory requirements to ensure compliance and informed decision-making.

Choose from a diverse range of 40+ product types to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Benefit from AWS cloud, WAF-enabled security, and micro-services architecture for a seamless and secure experience.

Discover a versatile range of 8 content types, including insights, GRR, news, events, HA comms, newsletter, structured reports, and on-Demand reports, catering to your diverse information needs.
Unlock Strategic Decision Making with AI-Powered Conversations

Experience unparalleled efficiency in gathering Regulatory information with Freyr's AI innovations. Our suite of AI tools including the intuitive Freyr chatbot and the intelligent our summarizer is engineered to collect and simplify complex Regulatory data, enabling you to seamlessly make informed decisions.

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