June 21, 2024, New Jersey
Freyr, a global leader in regulatory-centered solutions and services, proudly declares its achievement of being placed in the Everest Group Life Sciences Regulatory and Medical Affairs Operations PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024. The study, which was an extensive worldwide assessment that looked at more than 20 service providers; named Freyr as the Leader among leaders.

PEAK Matrix® is a data-driven, unbiased assessment of service and technology providers categorized into Leaders, Major Contenders or Aspirants based on their competencies and impact on the market. This ranking distinguishes Freyr’s exceptional capabilities and significant contributions made to life sciences regulatory space.

Freyr's impressive performance across multiple metrics in the assessment includes:

Freyr Regulatory-Affairs

Freyr Regulatory-Affairs

"In the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, enterprises face numerous challenges, including navigating complex compliance frameworks, adapting to ever-changing regulations, and addressing diverse geographical requirements. As a result, they increasingly depend on external service providers with specialized knowledge and technological expertise to manage these complexities," explains Lloyd Fernandes, Practice Director at Everest Group. He adds, "Freyr's extensive market presence and robust affiliate network, complemented by its localized expertise, make it highly proficient in navigating various regulatory environments. Additionally, its comprehensive portfolio of technological solutions, built on the AI-first Freya Fusion platform, combined with its dedicated centers of excellence, allows Freyr to effectively meet clients' digitization and efficiency needs. These strengths have significantly contributed to Freyr's Leader positioning in Everest Group's Regulatory and Medical Affairs Operations PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024."

Suren Dheenadayaalan, CEO of Freyr Solutions, expressed his delight, stating, "Securing the Leader position in the Everest Group Life Sciences Regulatory and Medical Affairs Operations PEAK Matrix® Assessment is a significant milestone for Freyr. This recognition reaffirms our commitment throughout the Regulatory value chain in the Life Sciences sector. We take pride in being recognized as a reliable global Regulatory partner and remain committed to fostering innovation while surpassing compliance standards in the intricate Regulatory landscape."

Rajiv Rangan, Co-founder of Freyr Solutions, added, "This acknowledgment from the prestigious Everest Group underscores our continued dedication to Regulatory services & solution excellence spanning over 14+ years. On behalf of the founding team of Freyr, I extend our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to our global colleagues and customers for their continued and invaluable support, without which this accomplishment would not have been possible."

To access Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® assessment report, click here.