Thank you for your interest in Freyr Digital's Webinar Series - Freyr Digital Dialogues. The webinar titled "Paperless Thailand: Exploring the Future of eCTD Submissions" was concluded on June 28, 2023. We invite you to access the archived version of this webinar for your review and further insights.

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What Was It All About?

In our engaging webinar, esteemed presenters Bartosz Jaslowski, Rathnadeep Yengade, and Karthik Srigiri Revadi delved into the following key topics and insights.

  • Overview on Thailand’s eCTD Mandate
  • Thailand’s Vision for eCTD Submissions
  • Panel Discussion on ‘Future of eCTD Submissions in Thailand’
  • Explaining Successful eCTD Submission in Thailand with Real life Case Studies

As a continuous practice, Freyr Digital will be hosting additional webinar sessions covering various Regulatory aspects of the life sciences industry. We believe you would be interested in participating in all of these sessions. If that's the case, we would love to keep you informed about our upcoming sessions and provide you with an opportunity to join us.