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global medical literature monitoring automation

current landscape & challenges

Almost all global countries have literature screening mandates and the frequency of medical journal screening in some key health authorities is as often as weekly.

The sheer volume of global online literature in indexed database sources such as Embase and Medline runs into millions of abstracts and hundreds of thousands of articles to be screened. This amounts to Terabytes of data that need to be assessed and of course, this volume goes on increasing with every new article being added.

Local literature screening is a complex and costly process, with more than 50% of local medical journals unavailable in the global indexed databases. There is also a challenge with 80+ local languages.

And despite this complex landscape, ICSR Reporting compliance is still expected to be 100%.

our automation solution

Freyr has developed a scalable automation solution that incorporates a 3-step process – Screening, Assessment and Translation & Reporting.

In the first process the application downloads new articles, reviews and screens for product name/active ingredient name mention of Pharma customers' products, classifying them as positive or negative.

The second step in the assessment involves taking the 'positive' product mentions and classifying them either as valid or invalid ICSRs.

The third step is to translate non-English ICSRs and send an assessment report to the ICSR Team.

The speed of our solution is considerably faster than the traditional manual approach for literature monitoring. Downloading a new article takes four (4) minutes, then screening takes three (3) minutes per article and the keyword search takes 17 minutes per article.

In total, we can automate over 70% of the manual process and reduce the time needed by over 70%.

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