Freyr iREADY not only has helped us reduce manual intervention but also the readiness and promptness of the team to address our queries has, in turn, smoothened the Regulatory compliance process for us.

- A market leader in the food and beverage industry

accelerate and streamline

Make Your Regulatory Submissions Seamless

Freyr iREADY provide notifications of Regulatory updates once in two weeks, ensuring you stay informed promptly.

Freyr iREADY presents a consolidated overview of ingredient regulations spanning all regions.

Freyr iREADY integrates data from various sources into a single platform.

Freyr iREADY compiles essential data for holistic ingredient compliance.

Freyr iREADY offers a visual overview of quick formulation compliance assessment.

Freyr iREADY automates compliance checks, reduces manual effort and saves time.


Effortlessly Achieve Regulatory Compliance of Ingredients and Formulae in Different Markets

Freyr iREADY empowers Regulatory experts to collaborate with their teams and stakeholders seamlessly and access a centralized ingredient repository to make informed decisions. The cosmetics ingredient database comprises of~1,22,000 cosmetic ingredients and its regulations across 79 countries while the food ingredients database has about 24,000+ ingredients and its regulations in 82 countries.

Freyr iREADY platform is updated every fortnight, and the same is conveyed to users with proactive alerts (flags) enabling them to make informed decisions.

Freyr iREADY offers users the ability to create, maintain, and assess product formulas & formulations for Regulatory compliance.

A quick and easy way to look-up ingredient information (safety alerts, toxicology data etc.) for product development and market access to compare Regulatory status of ingredients across multiple markets.


Unlocking Perfection: Set it up Once, and Reap Perpetual Rewards

Stay compliant from innovation to post-launch. Access niche Regulatory requirements: Prop-65, SVHC, Safety alerts, IFRA standards, toxicology profiles, CODEX standards, claims, and more.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing EDMS or Freyr rDMS systems, ensuring a consistent workflow without hiccups.

Build, store, track and search all variants throughout the product development process and maintain track of a product portfolio.

Generate and archive multiple formulations and SKUs for future use, reducing time and minimizing manual effort.
Because reduced manual intervention increases Regulatory compliance.

Revolutionize your Regulatory team's efficiency with our all-in-one solution for global ingredient Regulatory compliance. Keep everyone on the same page effortlessly with Freyr iREADY. Explore how Freyr Digital can enhance your Regulatory processes today.

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