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Freyr Artwork 360

simplify the complexity of artwork management and improve collaboration at every stage of content, design, review, and release.

streamline end-to-end

Artwork lifecycle management by eliminating inconsistency with-real time collaboration.

Freyr ARTWORK 360 intelligently solves the challenges of managing and delivering artwork at every stage of its development. As a single-stop solution, it provides electronic review, approval, publishing, and storing all artwork documents. By focusing on collaboration, from gathering information to delivering transparent workflows and processes, Freyr ARTWORK 360 simplifies production and gives greater visibility to all stakeholders in the organization.

Cloud-based and accessible through a web browser, Freyr ARTWORK 360 is based around a central digital asset repository with minimalistic data capture. The approach ensures reduced reworks with increased efficiency. We have simplified the review process through better graphic collaboration using our built-in annotation tool. Because manual artwork processes are inherently inefficient and expensive, Freyr also has introduced a RI-powered software solution to shorten the approval cycle further.

functional highlights


Artwork Life Cycle Management


Artwork Traceability


Integration with proofreading/third-party tools


Easy User Interface


21 CFR Part 11 Compliant



key features

customizable workflows & forms

digital asset library

version tracking

collaboration between stakeholders

Artwork review

customizable reports

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