We want to thank the entire Freyr Digital team for the exceptional Regulatory support and customer service provided to us. It was due to your hard and smart work that our organization was able to get our product approved on time. For that, we are deeply thankful and value our collaboration with Freyr as a preferred partner. Being a preferred partner, we hope to continue our effective and efficient cooperation in getting more products approved.

- Process Specialist, A U.S.-based Generic Pharmaceutical Company


Streamline Your Artwork Management with Freyr Artwork 360

Simplify and manage artwork changes efficiently, ensuring brand consistency with industry-specific customizable, predefined standard workflows.

Seamlessly manage diverse brand artworks across various product lines under one platform offering clear visibility and clear communication for all artwork approval stages.

Stay compliant and updated with the ever-evolving packaging and labeling regulations by integrating it Regulatory Intelligence tool.

Stay flexible with cloud and on-premise models, allowing for instant access, review, and approval of artworks, wherever you are.

Tackle the challenges of global brand asset management with Freyr Artwork 360’s centralized digital asset library. Store all your brand assets, product information, and workflows in one place, with extensive search, version control, and asset reuse capabilities, thereby reducing creative time and strengthening brand communication.
Streamline Your Artwork Management with Freyr Artwork 360


Streamline Create, Approve, and Manage Artworks

Streamlined Creation, Approval, and Management of Artworks

With Freyr Artwork 360, brand managers and designers can effortlessly navigate and utilize industry-specific customizable and predefined standard workflows, tailored to your specific business processes, ensuring a quick turnaround. The user-friendly design facilitates efficiency.

Achieve a collaborative environment, bridging gaps between marketing, legal, and finance teams. Our integrated platform facilitates a seamless approval process, ensuring brand consistency and visibility across departments, and providing a transparent view of approved artworks.

Manage multiple artwork projects efficiently with Freyr Artwork 360's version tracking feature, which automatically tracks and stores every design change with a timestamp, maintaining a clear history of iterations and aiding in swift decision-making. This feature is especially crucial for managing diverse packaging requirements across different markets and languages.

Freyr Artwork 360 enhances the artwork review process with online proofing features, allowing multiple stakeholders to collaborate effectively. Utilize intuitive annotation tools for quick feedback collection and download approved files with ease, significantly reducing the approval timeline.

Secure your artwork management with custom, role-based access controls. Freyr Artwork 360 offers advanced security features, including device-specific logins, single sign-on (SSO) options, and full administrative controls, all hosted on secure servers.


Elevate Your Brand Identity: Set It Up and Let Freyr Artwork 360 Craft the Brilliance

Leverage the power of data in your artwork workflows with Freyr Artwork 360’s customizable reporting features. Its interactive dashboards and web-based reports provide a comprehensive overview of your data, allowing you to analyze and improve your end-to-end artwork process for maximum efficiency.

Ensure consistent artwork processes and reduce time-to-market with Freyr Artwork 360. Reuse existing assets for smarter, timely business decisions. Quickly identify errors and collaborate effortlessly with updated proofing tools, maintaining a seamless workflow across your team.

Maximize flexibility with Freyr Artwork 360's cloud and on-premise options. Tailor your artwork management processes with our customizable solutions. Our team ensures accurate system configuration and performance evaluation, providing an optimal experience from the start.
Elevate your brand identity. Set it up and let Artwork 360 craft the brilliance.
Because Artwork Management Necessitates Flawless Collaboration.

Uplift the approach your design team takes. With synchronized artwork creation and approval processes, guarantee that your team always produces unified designs. Explore Freyr Artwork 360 and witness how we reshape your artwork operations.

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