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Freyr turns digital transformation on its head. We believe the application of artificial intelligence, RPA, web crawling and even small digital components such as bots, PDF scripts, or even Excel macros, should deliver improvements to your work processes, quickly. And in terms of deployment, these automation tools can be used independently as a standalone tools.

Incremental Innovation quickly automates routine, labor-intensive and repetitive tasks, or a single use case. At the higher end, Disruptive Innovation, is the sum of all these parts, bringing these components together into a larger whole. We can deploy these digital transformation solutions across the Life Sciences R&D space, Regulatory affairs, Labelling, PV/Safety, Clinical, and more.

The good news is that we are constantly identifying new use cases and making these automations available to the market.

incremental innovation

Incremental Innovation applies simple improvements to a small number, or even a single business process and delivers quick and smart automation. Think of an Excel macro that cuts through routine data sorting and reporting jobs or a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) algorithm that turns several steps in database analytics into a one-click process.

By using well-defined small digital components such as bots, PDF scripts, Excel word macros through AI/ML components, Freyr Digital customers no longer have to endure months or years of IT development programs to automate these processes and yield exponential business benefits.


disruptive innovation

The Disruptive Innovation approach brings the components of Incremental Innovation together into a larger whole, delivering automation for end-to-end workflows and sets of related use cases. By deploying a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and web crawling technologies, Freyr significantly improves what used to take days or weeks to a matter of hours.

Disruptive Innovation has functional applicability across many departments in all sectors. It also transforms the entire workflows and processes to help businesses re-deploy and focus their valuable staff on more important work.

AiX - automation discovery methodology

Underpinning the initial project ‘discovery’ phases, AiX gives industry indexing scores that provide comparative benchmarks. This way, you can be sure that your automation and digital transformation project – for a single use case or an entire workflow – measures up against the industry best practices and delivers real value.

AiX is Freyr’s unique consulting approach for evaluating business processes and whether they are appropriate for automation. Think of it as a ‘Go-No-Go’ assessment that tells you if a use case or a business process is worth automating.

It helps us segregate and automate routine operational and scientific activities from traditional processes across the Safety, Medical writing, Labeling, Clinical and Regulatory domains. AiX focuses on three (03) key assessment criteria:

operational index for process definition

daily repetitive operational activities list

proportion of operational activities vs. scientific activities

automation index for technology

technology feasibility / availability and it’s potential for automation

business index for smart and scalable decisions

cost saving analysis

quality control assessment

productivity and resource burn-out assessment


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